So, you’ve decided on a new building project and realised that you will need some help along the way.  Perhaps you have even carried out some research and have read that you will need an architect to draw up some plans for you, however beyond this you’re not exactly sure what it is that architects do or how else they might help you.

On a simple level an architect is the one person that can guide you through the process from the very start through to the very end. If you haven’t been through the process before it can seem very daunting and stressful, and having an experienced professional by your side will help make it run as smoothly as possible. There are many pitfalls that can make the process challenging at best, if not extremely costly – you only need to watch a few episodes of Grand Designs to find out!

At the beginning of our projects we take time to get to know our clients and their site / home to help them put together a brief that describes what they want from the new building. Whilst developing feasibility sketches that explore options for how new designs can meet our client’s brief we also advise and help them obtain any specialist assistance that maybe required, e.g. conservation, structural, ecological etc.

Even small buildings can be complex, and they have to meet many different demands such as planning, legal, structural, environmental, acoustic, ecological etc. Throughout the process we are incorporating this myriad different requirements that a building has to meet whilst evolving the design to meet your brief in ever increasing levels of detail until the keys are handed over to you and the builders leave. At each stage we refer back to the original concept to ensure that each decision is consistent with the overall objectives of the design whilst meeting the legal and regulatory demands.

Going back to the question at the start of this blog, what does an architect do?

We are your guide through the challenging process of building.

We are there to help bring to life your dream project.

Our next blog will go into more detail of what happens at each stage and what the outcomes are at key points in the process.   Coming soon!

If you’d like advice regards to your new building project, do give us a call on 01395 233807.