Glazing is a big part of any build project and there is no doubt full height glazing in a space looks amazing! A common issue that people often come across is thinking about window dressings, blinds or curtains after the glazing has been installed.

At In Ex Design, we always advise considering window dressings alongside your glazing choices early on in your plans, as it is always harder and more costly to retrofit later on.

We feel it is important to ensure this is a conversation we have at an early stage. Factoring in window dressings early ensures the clean look of the full height glazing is not interrupted and the vision is not broken up. The options we would discuss is whether you want to use a concealed hidden system, be that blinds concealed in the ceiling or curtains with a recessed ceiling track; or having blinds within the glazing units, with windows with integrated blinds.

Concealed blinds or recessed ceiling tracks for curtains are a great solution if your windows go right to the ceiling with no space to fit a curtain rail or blind. These can be mechanically controlled or motorised.

In the extension at our project Exeter Villa, we designed in roller blind boxes into the ceiling above the sliding doors. This gave a minimal look and uninterrupted view through the sliding doors.

Using recessed curtain tracks can be a good solution when you’re not able to fit a curtain pole and you don’t like the look of blinds. We often proposed light voile curtain which can stack to the side of the glazing when not being used and provide a softness to the space. For example, we designed this at In Ex Design Project Estuary House. At this project there was corner glazing, and we were able to use a curved track to allow a single curtain to cover a larger space smoothly avoiding having several individual curtains and poles.

In Ex Design can offer Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) supply as part of our interior design service, be that for an interior design project or a full architectural design service project. Read our blog post on FF&E supply for more details.

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