Have you ever driven, cycled or walked past a site and wondered if you could build your dream home there?

This is a simple enough question but of course the answer is anything but!

The question is actually only answered by considering some of the following points:

  • Can I fit the right size house on the site?
  • Would Planning Permission be granted?
  • What would be the cost?
  • How long would it take?

Also, what is the right style for you, what is it that you actually need, how can this be achieved… etc. etc.

The answer to these questions often takes the form of “it depends on the building design” and this is where a quick feasibility study can be useful.

If a site looks promising, In Ex Design have experience of quickly preparing designs in just enough detail that those questions can be answered without going into too much detail and incurring considerable time and money – important to any Client!

As an example, on a recent project a Client came to us having found a prospective site that was for sale and wanted to know if it would be possible to get planning permission to build a new house on it. The site didn’t have planning permission and our Client didn’t want to take the risk of buying the site without the assurance that it could be granted.

So, what did we do to help?

As time was of the essence, we quickly prepared a scheme using hand drawn plans and 3D views with enough detail for discussion with the planning authority. Using their ‘pre-application advice process’ only requires a limited amount of information and takes 2-6 weeks.

The site was in a large garden of an existing house and whilst it was surrounded on all sides by houses, it did have road access.  Whilst we quickly got to know what the Client wanted from the house the challenge of the brief was the relationship of the house to the potential neighbours and avoiding issues of overlooking.

We developed a courtyard scheme where the primary view for all the new rooms would be into a new central landscaped courtyard. The design would primarily be on the ground floor to ensure privacy for our Client and the neighbours. For the first-floor master suite we identified specific views and proposed a vertical fin detail in front of the windows that could limit the angle of view so that there wouldn’t be the possibility of overlooking into the neighbouring houses.

If you’ve found a potential site and can’t help but wonder whether it could be the site for your dream home, please get in touch and talk to us about it.