Calverleigh House

This project is typical of a lot of existing houses that we work on; an old house that has been modified over the years with a layout that doesn’t work for modern living. The Clients wanted a dining space as part of a kitchen as an improve the connection to their substantial garden. In addition we recommended that a long term strategy was developed as part of the brief to see if it would be feasible to move the garage away from the garden and open up the adjacent side of the house. Knowing there was a limited initial budget we developed a phased approach that could be implemented over the coming years, as finances allowed.

At the early stage of every project we utilise hand drawn sketches which are quick to prepare and allow us to explore multiple options with our Clients. This allowed us to test with our Clients where the best location and orientation for the extension could be. It was through this process that we identified that a new axis should be incorporated into the design that would allow the extension to connect the house to the garden and provide the spaces required.  The design for the extension then quickly grew around this axis and the extension took form.

The result is a design that respects the form of the existing house but has its own integrity providing a much needed link between house and garden and the internal space the Clients required. We were pleased with the planning department’s response to the project who approved it without any concerns and we look forward to seeing it built.