Middle Rocombe

The Clients for this rural new build house had bought a site which had already been granted planning permission to replace an existing barn. The previous owners were dividing up a larger collection of farm buildings. The brief from the Clients was to develop a design that was tailored to them whilst still consistent with the original planning concept. As with all our clients we spent time getting to know them and honing our design proposal so that it perfectly met their individual needs.

A revised planning application was submitted and approved without any difficulty as we had kept to the spirit of the original planning permission all be it changing the design bespoke to our client’s needs.

As the project developed beyond planning permission we continued to hone the design to the Clients in ever more increasing detail. Our Clients for this project loved the large glazed areas that allowed them to engage with the garden but had very specific concerns regarding the potential for summer overheating and their need to control light in the house. We brought in an environmental engineer that was able to computer model the design and through this we were able to develop a shading and ventilation strategy that would ensure that overheating wouldn’t take place.

The Clients also had quite a high ambition in regards to sustainability which we were able to help them with. The building not only surpasses current building regulations in regards to levels of insulation, the choice of insulation was also carefully considered with Woodfibre insulation used wherever possible. The heating supply is from a highly efficient air source heat pump so there is no reliance on gas or oil, which is common in such rural locations.

This project is now on site so we will keep you up to date with progress.