The In Ex Design Team have settled into working from home and we are sharing photos of our work spaces!

We understand the importance of making a dedicated work space in our homes, whether this is a temporary setup on the kitchen table, a dressing table, a nook shelf or if you’ve got the space – a separate home office!

Your home office can be wherever you have some clear space to put a laptop/screen, a notebook, a coaster for that all important cup of coffee and even a plant or two. As we are reliant on technology a space not far from a plug socket is also a must.

For most people home offices are flexible spaces, often used by several members of the household. This is a key part of designing your home office space, taking into consideration your working style and the nature of your work as well as the people you live with – particularly as we will all find ourselves spending more time in these spaces on a daily basis.   

If the spring sunshine is making you think you’d like to create an outdoor workspace or a purpose built garden room – check out our recent blog post on The Tree House Garden Studio.