Calling all students! – In Ex Design
  • Date: 27th January 2021

Who doesn’t love a competition? We know we do (and not to brag, but we’ve won a few). So, we’re really excited to announce the launch of our design competition – ‘Think Inside the Box’.

We have £1250 to be won in prize money and Design Commendations for submissions that impress us.

This is a fabulous opportunity for students currently studying in the fields of Architecture, Engineering or Design to take on the challenge of designing a versatile prefabricated pod for the post-pandemic era.

We can feel the ideas sparking away right now…

Reimagine, redesign, reinvigorate.

We’re not going to give you any examples – we want you to have the freedom to be inspired. Your creativity is key. We know there’s some amazing talent out there and we want to see it in action.

The registration deadline is the 7th February, and the submission deadline is the 19th February so don’t miss out!

If you’re unfamiliar with what we do, please visit our site and check out some of our latest news.
And just to reiterate, we have £1250 to be won in prize money and Design Commendations for submission that impress us. Download the brief now!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and thanks in advance for participating.

Are you up for the challenge?