How do Architects communicate ideas? – In Ex Design
  • Date: 20th January 2021

At In Ex Design we use a vast array of methods of communication in the process of helping our clients realise their projects. We use different formats at different times, where the choice can depend upon who the intended audience is (the client, a planning officer, the builder, etc.), the stage of the project and what information needs to be put across.

At the start of a project we begin with hand-drawn sketches, often paired with photos of materials and details, among other components that we envisage being part of the design. Together they help give our clients a feel for the design without going into great detail. As the design progresses we then develop computer aided design (CAD) technical drawings,  which allow for greater precision.

Often, our drawings are two-dimensional, such as those for floor plans, sections and elevations, but for more complex projects we will use three-dimensional drawings and CAD models to help explore the building. These can be hand-drawn watercolour sketches, computer-rendered images or photomontages which combine photos with drawings.

As well as drawings and images we also produce written documents, including design statements, that describe the intentions behind a design or specifications that instruct a contractor of the standards and materials they are expected to use when building.

It doesn’t matter how good the ideas are if they can’t be communicated effectively. Not all clients find it easy to understand drawings and we make sure to guide clients through the drawings and images in the early stages of a project. We take care to check that it is clear to them what is being proposed as we know that verbal communication and language can be equally important to the images that are drawn.

If you have a project in mind, we would love to talk the process through with you, showing you examples of how we work and the different types of information that we produce. Call us on 01395 233807 or drop us an email at