We find ourselves starting the new year with a new lockdown!

The In Ex Design Team are back into the swing of working from home and we are operating business as usual. Where it may not be possible to have a meeting in person due to restrictions, we can arrange meetings remotely via conference calls or telephone appointments with our clients, consultants, and contractors.

Back in March we wrote a blog post on Working from Home: Home Office Design as like the majority of people we quickly found ourselves adapting spaces in our homes to create dedicated workspace.

Now after months of staying in, we are finding that homeowners are seeing their properties differently.  We have found that client’s briefs are changing with people spending so much time at home and evaluating how important home is and what works and what doesn’t.

For those with children and anticipating more home-working a bigger home is becoming a priority, with more importance placed on quality living spaces and a separate workspace.

For some homeowners the need for more space may well be replaced by the need for the right space.

There are also now more requirements on the home than there may have been before – it may have become a classroom, an office and a social venue.

So, if with the new year you are rethinking your existing space, looking to extend, move and refurb or even build a new house – In Ex Design can help you realise the transformation of the home you are seeking!

Please get in touch and speak to a member of our team.