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We go beyond design and provide a partnership for bringing your project to life

Architect Services Devon

We are a full-service firm and often work with clients even before purchasing a property, as well as helping them navigate the planning process.

While offering a multi-disciplinary service, we understand that not everyone needs their home and garden designed from scratch. We welcome the opportunity to help you design your outdoor living area, to create an interior design plan or to work with you to integrate an existing feature into a wider design concept.

Architecture is a powerful and complex thing. Our goal is to ensure its impact on your life is a positive one, and the process as seamless as possible.

In Ex Design offers full architectural service, from brief to blueprint all the way to construction. Our services are available to property seekers, helping clients identify potential properties that will suit their architectural vision.

Whether urban or rural, we can create bespoke designs that maximise the potential of your space and transform your lifestyle.

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Good interior design is more than just selecting fixtures and fittings. We work with our clients to interpret their style and find ways to enhance any space.

Our interior design services vary from complete home refurbishments to high-specification kitchens. We’re happy to help guide clients through major design choices, making a daunting process easier and more enjoyable.

If you are making structural alterations – such as adding an extension – professional interior design can help create cohesive spaces and transform your entire home, allowing you to get the most out of your project.

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Our integrated approach to landscape design means clients gain more from their sites than they could imagine.

We start by developing an understanding of how you envisage using your outdoor space. We look at how light moves across your garden, how it will change with the seasons and how to make it beautiful, whatever the weather.

Our designs will accommodate your lifestyle, whether you need space for entertaining, relaxing or areas for games and children’s play. We create outdoor rooms to expand your living areas beyond the walls of your home.

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We live in a changing world. Technological and economic changes mean our homes are fast becoming our workspaces as much as they are places to live and relax. With individuals spending considerably more time at home during the work day, the need for multi-purpose, flexible spaces has increased.

In Ex Design has developed pre-fabricated garden Pods, an ideal and versatile solution for today’s ‘New Normal’ work week. Our Pods are accessible and designed as open-plan spaces that can be configured and fitted out in a variety of combinations to suit multiple uses. This includes home offices, guest accommodations, yoga studios and playrooms, among others.

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