Greys – In Ex Design
  • Project: Greys
  • Location: Lympstone
  • Type: Domestic Extension and Refurbishment
  • Status: Completed
Greys 1
Greys 2
Greys 3

When you are looking to buy a house sometimes your budget doesn’t quite meet your needs! That is what our client found recently!

With a brief for 3 double bedrooms, a large open plan living space, HAS TO BE IN LYMPSTONE… with a large garden, double garage and space for a pool! ‘Now come on’ we said… they don’t want much do they?

Well sometimes you just need a bit of vision and you can have what you need, other times you need ‘our vision’ and we will get you what you want.

With their list of requirements the search was on for plot or house (or a combination of both) in Lympstone, East Devon. A very modest bungalow with a good sized garden came on the market one day, we saw it and it was bought that day!

What we saw in this property was a huge amount of potential (see the montage sketch). This enabled our client to buy not what was on site, but also what the house would become.