Purchasing sites that already have planning consent – In Ex Design
  • Date: 16th April 2020

A client came to us with a site that they were looking to buy which already had planning permission for a new house. They asked if we were able to help them develop that planning permission into a house for their family. We were very happy to help and are excited to now see their new home under construction.

Homeowners and developers prefer to sell land ‘with the benefit of planning permission’ as it will sell for a higher price because prospective purchasers aren’t put off by the risk that planning won’t be granted. Assisting with planning permissions is a service we offer our clients and you can read about it in our last blog.

For this project, the plans laid out in the planning permission did not reflect our client’s lifestyle and they envisioned some minor changes based on the original plans. While listening to them it became apparent to us that the changes required would need to be more fundamental in order to get them the dream home they wanted. As with all clients, we took them through a process of getting to know them, to gain a solid understanding about them as a family, how they live, what they wanted from their house and what they loved about the site.

While we knew that the changes to the existing design would need to be fundamental in terms of layout, with planning permission already granted for the existing design we knew that the fewer changes we could make to the external appearance the smoother the planning process would be. Our challenge was to take our understanding of the clients and their vision, and to formulate a design that could work within the framework of the planning permission granted.

Through a careful and creative design process, the changes we proposed were readily accepted by the Planning Authority and approved without any concerns, providing our clients with approval for the design of their dream home.

The project is now on site and we, along with our clients, are looking forward to seeing it being completed.