House in the Trees – In Ex Design
  • Project: House in the Trees
  • Client: Private
  • Location: Exeter
  • Type: New Build
  • Status: Planning Phase
House-in-the-Trees-Hero 2

Our clients came to us looking to build a new house on a wooded area of land, on a plot owned by the client’s family.  The proposal for the House in the Trees, will see the creation of a house that is a functional family home, allowing the client’s to stay close to their parents with whom they currently live.

‘We have so enjoyed working with Julie-Ann and team designing a family home. We didn’t have clear visual ideas about what we wanted so it has taken real empathy, creativity and effort for Julie-Ann to come up with a design. she was just what we were looking for – someone who could decider what we wanted, not someone who would tell us what we want. We have been very pleased with the design and service from in-ex designs and look forward to working together in the future.’


The new build property will provide flexible modern living spaces, with open plan areas that can be accessed to and from the garden. All aspects of the building have close links to the garden area to suit the family’s sustainable lifestyle.

The building has been designed to reflect a modern aesthetic, with the house divided into parts to appear as a building which has grown over time.

The proposed palette of materials will reflect what is existing on the site, using a mixture of timber and stone—with a modern twist! Timber cladding will allow the building to mellow and merge into the woodland in time. The stone base adds a heavy grounding to the lighter framed element at the heart of the design.