This month at In Ex Design, we have a new extension project on the drawing board.

Our clients extended their kitchen a couple of years ago but are now looking to enlarge the space and make the front of the property more in keeping with the rear of the property.

We proposed a simple side extension bringing the roofline of the rear extension around the side of the house and wrapping it around the front of the property. The side and front extension would be rendered with timber cladding on the front elevation. The existing roof of the porch replaced and a new timber front door added which will modernise the entrance to the property.

Internally our clients wanted a larger open plan kitchen but due to the extension work that had been done in the past there are some large steels and support to consider. A structural column will be needed to support the existing extension steels and the corner of the house above.

Once we identified the structural constraints of the new space our team set about looking at creative and interesting ways of working a column into the kitchen design!

Ways to make a steel support work in a space is a common dilemma for interior designers – especially if a project involves extending or renovation and existing building.

Here are a couple of our ideas and some precedent imagery of what we’ve been researching:

Column hidden in a feature wall

This could be painted or clad to make a feature in the space. An ideal place to showcase some artwork or for feature lighting.

1. Column incorporated in a rectangular frame

Could be used as a room divider to divide an open plan space or create an architectural feature in a space!

2. Column with built in storage

Creating built-in storage joinery around a column gives you usable storage space. Incorporating the column into the joinery in the space or you could make a feature creating an area for display shelves.

3. Exposed Column

Having the column visible is a great way to reduce the size and overall look of the steel in the space. It has minimal space impact – it could also be painted to tie in with the colour scheme! Depending on the input from a structural engineer the steel column could be a different shape, round or square.

Our clients at the Terrace House decided to have the column in their kitchen space visible – a great way for them to show their love of colour!

If you are thinking of doing an extension project but are not sure what would be possible with the space get in touch with a member of our team today.

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