In Ex Design is dedicated to the integrated design approach. Starting with the inside, we consider your site in its entirety to ensure that the final design flows smoothly between the architecture, the interior and the landscape.

Our integrated design philosophy helps us create a home that is in harmony and which makes your outside spaces feel like a natural extension of your indoor living spaces. Not everyone needs their home and garden designing from scratch.

You may only need one element of our service and we are very happy to work with you to design your outdoor living areas, create and interior design plan, or to work with you to integrate an existing feature into a wider design concept.



Architecture is a powerful and complex thing. Our team takes the stress out of delivering your project on time and to the best of our abilities, within budget.

In Ex Design offers the full architectural service from taking a comprehensive brief right through to project management of construction. We believe architecture is a life enhancing gift so we want to make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

You can trust In Ex Design to deliver the project and support you all the way through.

Interior Design

We love working with clients to help them make the most of the homes they live in. We can assist you in simply refreshing the feel of a room by changing the curtains!

Sometimes clients want help in making one major design choice to enhance a room or we can get involved in much bigger projects from creating stunning kitchen designs to totally refurbishing your home.

If you are making structural alterations, adding extensions or changing your use of the space you have, clever interior design can transform the home you live in and make a huge difference to the pleasure you get from using those spaces to their best advantage.

Landscape Design

Our integrated approach to landscape design, results in clients gaining more from their sites than they had originally anticipated. We look at how light moves across your garden and how you are likely to use the outdoor spaces. Giving you a peaceful spot with lovely views for your morning coffee, will make using your garden a joy for years to come. Your appreciation of the garden will extend to how the outdoor spaces blend into the indoor areas and how they interact.

We will work with you to understand what you want your garden areas to provide for you. Whether your emphasis is on entertaining, relaxing or playing games, we will be able to create outdoor ‘rooms’ to extend your living areas beyond the walls of your home.

Simply put, we will help you create indoor and outdoor places where you are happy to be.