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Calling all students! Inside the box

Who doesn’t love a competition? We know we do (and not to brag, but we’ve won a few) So, we’re really excited to announce the launch of our design competition – ‘Think Inside the Box’. We have £1250 to be won in prize money and Design Commendations for submission that impress us.

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How do Architects communicate ideas? Ideas 2

At In Ex Design we use a vast array of methods of communication in the process of helping our clients realise their projects. We use different formats at different times where the choice can depend upon who the intended audience is (client, planning officer, builder etc), the stage of the project and what information needs…

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How lockdown has changed people’s views of their homes Lockdown

We find ourselves starting the new year with a new lockdown!

The In Ex Design Team are back into the swing of working from home and we are operating business as usual. Where it may not be possible to have a meeting in person due to restrictions, we can arrange meetings remotely via conference calls or telephone appointments with our clients, consultants, and contractors.

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Purchasing sites that already have planning consent Planning

The clients for one of our current projects came to us with a site that they were looking to buy and that already had planning permission for a new house. They asked if we would help them develop that planning permission into a house for their family.

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Tree House Garden Studio Tree House 1

During this period many of us are trying to find space in our homes to dedicate to remote working and office space. As this spring sunshine continues many of us will also be looking to spend more time outside.

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Devon Designers Deliver Dreams – Lux Magazine 2020 Lux

InExDesign has been featured in the very first issue of LUXlife for 2020. We are thrilled to have been featured in this issue, you can view the full magazine article here.

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